855casino is an Online gaming website, branched from one of the most reliable and well known land base casinos and online gaming enterprise , 855 GROUP. We offer you the best services as a bookmaker company, as well as Live Dealers Online Casino's Games from our land base casinos, 855Crown Bavet and 855Crown Casinos. We also have been granted full sports betting license from the Royal Government of Kingdom , further more our best services and entertaining games are internationally well known.

Crown Casino has been delivering a fun and exciting atmosphere to all our customers for over a decade. Crown Casino has a passion in delivering great service and the best in thai foods.

855casino.org has followed in this commitment by providing unmatched customer service and using the most up to date technology to provide a more realistic game play on internet.

Crown Hotel and Resorts was founded in 1999. Golden Crown casino was the first casino in the region. Crown has expanded to five casino's. Golden Crown, Princess Crown, Genting Crown, Crown Chrey Thum (next to the vietnam border) and Crown Bavet. 855CROWN is the only Online casino that have lisence from government.

Why 855casino?

"Play hard and Get Lucky!" is our company's to our valuable and loyal customers. Our company goal is to bring you the highest level of entertainment, and get you reach to highest pleasure in your life.

What 855casino offers?

  1. The Best Odds
    • Our odds are up to 20% better than those on offer from a betting exchange (after you've paid commission on your winnings). This gives you several key benefits:
      • As we're a conventional bookmaker, you don't need to wait for your bid or offer to be matched.
      • We can offer higher and earlier liquidity, so you can place bigger bets.
    • So you win on both fronts, getting better prices and a better service.
    • Our theoretical hold on Asian Handicap markets is less than 1.5% on the English Premier League and top German, Italian and Spanish leagues.
  2. Variety of Products
    • Apart from sports betting, we also specialize in live casino, lottery, keno and slot games, carefully assessing various online casino games putting only the best selections for you. Our financial bets offer a selection of diverse global markets for our customers from all over the world.
  3. Customer Service
    • We focus on the needs of our customer by staying true to our core service principles:
      • The customer always come first
      • Your satisfaction drives our business
      • We will always strive to exceed your expectations
    • Available at 24/7 services, can be easily contacted by our hotlines, messengers, and our online customer chatting service.
  4. Security
    • At 855casino, all personal information and details are protected with strict confidentiality. We have taken serious measures n securing our online system and transactions, providing you with the safest online betting environment where you can take your leisure in peace and be at ease.

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